About Birdie & Oaks
Birdie & Oaks is a husband and wife duo in Northwest Arkansas specializing in wedding and family photography. Through candid photography methods and minimal editing, they capture intimate, sincere moments between subjects to create meaningful and memorable depictions of relationships.
The Problem
Northwest Arkansas has a great demand for wedding and family photographers, making it a highly competitive field. Birdie & Oaks needed to stand out from competitors and visually communicate its specialties and values to viewers.
The Solution
Birdie & Oaks needed a memorable logo and visual identity that would communicate its specialties and reflect its minimal, candid style of photography.
Brand Personality
In order to create a meaningful logo, I worked with Birdie & Oaks to create a brand personality that reflected its work. We established it had the following characteristics:
Masculine / Feminine
Youthful / Mature
Simple / Intricate
Quiet / Loud
Approachable / Authoritative
Luxury / Economy
Fun / Serious
Professional / Casual
Modern / Traditional
Playful / Elegant
Extreme / Safe
Visual Identity
Skills Utilized
Logo Design
Identity Design
Color Theory
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