DIG Clothing Co.
DIG Clothing Company is an apparel company in Northwest Arkansas founded by mountain bike trail builders and riders. They offer lifestyle and activewear specially designed for mountain bikers.
The Objective
DIG wanted a hand-illustrated T-shirt design depicting their logo and a common hazard encountered by riders along the trails in Northwest Arkansas: a copperhead snake.
DIG wanted the design to consist of their logo and a copperhead snake, and I already knew what style they were looking for based on an ink illustration of mine they had referenced in the project brief. I sketched a few concepts with the copperhead in various poses and presented them to DIG.
They decided they didn't want to cause misconceptions about copperheads by portraying them as needlessly aggressive, so that quickly narrowed it down. Concept 3 was obviously out and the snake in Concept 2 is posed as though it might be winding up to bite. We decided the calm, curious nature of the copperhead playfully winding through the DIG logo and flicking its tongue in Concept 1 was the way to go.
Single-Color Vector Illustration
Skills Utilized
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