One-of-a-kind furniture & home decor.

Jori’s Home Essentials is an online shop for unique home decor, accent furniture, kitchen essentials, and more. Primarily offering rustic- and farmhouse -inspired products, JHE’s brand personality is a reflection of these styles -- inviting, casual, feminine, mature, and timeless.

Rustic meets modern.

The logo draws inspiration from the modesty, warmth, and rustic charm of JHE’s products. Its combination of typefaces illustrates characteristics consistent with both JHE’s brand personality and the farmhouse style. Crete Round, the slab serif typeface, evokes feelings of modernism, simplicity, affability, and notes of femininity. Conversely, Mate, the old style serif typeface, communicates feelings of traditionalism, elegance, formality, and dependability.

The logotype’s neutral, warm color scheme is harmonious with the minimal, rustic style of JHE’s catalog. Dark navy and copper red are complementary colors which elicit similar dualities to those conveyed by the logo’s typography. Furthermore, the muted tones and white space allow products to shine without the brand fading from focus.


Kat Stovall

Logo Design
Brand Identity
Brand Manual

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