About Sidecar Taproom
Sidecar Taproom is a taproom within Delta Brewing Company's brewery in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Located along the Mississippi River, it draws influence from the Delta -- a land of innovation and grit, a convergence of cultures, and the birthplace of Blues.
The Problem
Delta Brewing Company was opening two separate venues within its brewery: Sidecar Taproom and Hi-Low Lounge. While Hi-Low would serve as a quiet meeting place for professionals, Sidecar would be a traditional, lively taproom. Both needed to reflect the brewery's Delta influence yet be distinguishable to customers.
The Solution
A gritty, hand-illustrated logo and visual identity inspired by the art of the Mississippi River Delta would portray Sidecar as a traditional, spirited taproom and reflect Delta Brewing Company's values.
Identity System
Member's Mug Badge
Supporting Graphics
Skills Utilized
Logo Design
Color Theory
Identity Design
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